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Nareau is the Spider-God and Creator in Kiribati Mythology. In the beginning he walked alone in the oppressive darkness or primeval earth Te Bo-ma-te-maki. From water and earth, he made Na Atibu and Nei Teuke, man and woman respectively. Together man and woman procreated the gods.

Nareau is an umbrella project to develop a cross-platform, open-source, web-wide component based runtime. The architecture will use HTTP, Jabber, and SMTP transports, sport a SOAP+Jabber layer above that which shields applications from the transport, and an application layer which consists of a loosely coupled and semantically rich object model based on RDF. By loosely coupled we mean that methods do not need to execute on the same machine as the object to which they belong, and that externale statements about a class or instance become part of object behaviour. The object model will persist to the filesystem and a relational database layer.

Specifically the project will develop two Mozilla GUI based P2P applications, and a "Inner Ring" Server. The first client will be a messaging client, and feature a shared space based messaging and chat application, with browser integration. The second will be a full semantic web browser, and project manager, based on the first. The servers will feature XPCOM runtimes integrated with Apache and Jabber servers, and will be necessary to pierce firewalls and scale globally.

To get a very high level overview about the Nareau project, read through the following information:

Stay tuned for more meaty information on the specifics

The nareau project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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